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Low Battery? New Tech Lets You Wirelessly Share Power

It’s any phone-obsessed person’s nightmare: you’re out, your phone’s battery is depleted down into the red zone, and there’s not an electrical plug in sight. But one day, mobile and wearable devices could engage in “power-sharing,” by wirelessly charging each other on the go, researchers say. This innovative solution could help people easily recharge mobile or wearable gadgets, particularly for ... Read More »

Why DARPA Is Pursuing the Reusable Military XS-1 Spaceplane

Boeing XS-1 Experimental Spaceplane concept Credit: Boeing ORLANDO, Fla. – Here’s a phrase that’s not repeated everyday in the space community: “You’ve heard Elon’s comments … we want to go beyond that,” Brad Tousley, the head of the tactical technology office at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, said May 15. Elon, of course, is Elon Musk, the optimistic, and some ... Read More »

Antikythera Mechanism: Ancient Celestial Calculator

This is the largest piece of the Antikythera Mechanism, which is on display at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, Greece. Credit: National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece The Antikythera Mechanism has been called an “ancient calculator,” but there is so much more to it than meets the eye. The shoebox-size device has a complex gearwheel system of 30 intricate bronze ... Read More »

Modern technology advantages and disadvantages

    Our time today’s era of development and prosperity in all respects, whether intellectually or socially or economically etc .. Among the things that have emerged and flourished and evolved we have is the so-called B: (electronic devices) is not without a house of these devices, such as TVs, smart phones and the Internet and the means of social ... Read More »

Definition Technology

Definition Technology The word technology is the Greek word in the original, which is made up of two sections, the first section: Techno means craft or skill, or art, while the second: Logy means knowledge or study, hence the word technology means performance or the flag of the application; where he cited the many scientists and many other definitions of ... Read More »

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Georges Claude

Georges Claude, (born Sept. 24, 1870, Paris, France—died May twenty three, 1960, Saint-Cloud) engineer, chemist, and inventor of the noble gas lightweight, which found widespread use in signs and was the forerunner of the fluorescent lightweight. In 1897 Claude discovered that acetylene gas might be transported safely by dissolving it in ketone. His method was usually adopted and brought a ... Read More »